How to open a juice bar in 8 steps

How to open a juice bar in 8 steps

The first thing to do is to explore the possibilities and look for originality. To do this, here are some recommendations for opening a juice bar.

If one wants any help regarding the juice bar business plan, this will help a lot.

What is a fruit juice bar?

As the name suggests, a juice bar is an establishment that may offer other types of drinks, mainly serving fruit and vegetable juices.

But since it cannot be otherwise, it is not enough to own automatic juicers or a professional juicer to prepare juices. We have to offer more to the customer.

Here provide you with a series of rules that will guide you in opening your fruit and vegetable juice bar.

Recommendations for starting a fruit and vegetable juice business

Find a room:

A room for natural juices does not need to cover a very large area. If we are content to sell juices, the establishment’s furniture will be limited to a counter, a back counter serving as a location for equipment, a few tables, and a terrace for the summer period. You have to keep in mind that part of our business is an important part and has to be taken out. Besides, it is important to study the daily production and the possible restrictions which one can be confronted: evacuation system, washing points, etc. The planned production levels will define the most appropriate type of equipment.

Like any building open to the public, location plays a major role. Fresh juice contains a large amount of fruit, which impacts the high value of the final price. Premises located near administrative centers, high-traffic areas, or commercial spaces will greatly promote the activity’s viability. union complex is best place for open a juice bar.


 After analyzing the previous point, it is advisable to study the competition present in the zone of installation of our establishment. Before starting our juice bar project, we must ensure that sufficient space remains to generate our turnover. But it is also good to analyze the competition and observe successful establishments and those that are having difficulties and then try to determine the causes and reasons.

The climate:

The activity’s profitability must be analyzed if the establishment is located in a city with particularly severe winters. Will we obtain sufficient income in the summer to be able to survive when winter arrives? Will we be creative in securing customers on the colder days? It can be very helpful to focus on the idea that our juices are a refreshing drink and provide plenty of nutrients at all times of the year.


Before purchasing the necessary equipment for your juice bar, you must ask for a quote to know precisely the investments to be made. It is then necessary to calculate the time necessary to recover the invested capital and study whether the activity is economically profitable.


The administrative formalities required to start-up activity of this type are considerable. You will have to rely on a professional advisor’s support to be sure not to forget anything. Local regulations must be respected, especially when considering the establishment of an organic production chain.

Be original:

you have to be original and bring something different in terms of decoration, juice, offers, etc. The different types of fruit juices to be offered in our premises must be studied to then complete our offer with other fresh and healthy products such as salads, smoothies, bowls for lunches and snacks, vegetarian sandwiches, etc. . This will allow us to increase our sales and attract new customers.


Use the machines that offer the best results. With the availability of blender smoothies, centrifuges for obtaining fruit and vegetable juices, juicer, and a pressing machine cold, we will develop the full range of juices, including vegetable bowls of milk. We will have to adapt the equipment’s size to our needs and, depending on the activity’s evolution, to acquire or not machines of greater capacities.

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